Training and Growth Opportunities


Ensuring the continuous improvement and high performance which are essential to meet our customers’ requests are one of the most important features of Kansai Altan’s corporate culture.

As Kansai Altan, we start to form the basis of team spirit from the recruitment process. In the course of interviews, we pay attention to choosing the right applicants who are inclined to teamwork. Additionally, we make sure that employees who conduct the recruitment process are prone to team work as well.

Besides the outsourced trainings plan, which is prepared annually and checked every six months, spontaneous trainings to meet demands of the changing business environment are also realized within these plans. The in-house trainings, especially on the job trainings given by our professional internal trainers, are also of great importance and deliver efficient outcomes. The trainings of every new member of Kansai Altan are designed considering his/her current duties, prospective potential duties and personal development.


Our new employees are well grounded in the necessary information on both their own occupation and the company’s general scope of business within the orientation program provided in the first couple of weeks of their employment. The on the job trainings specifically planned in accordance with their own occupational scope may last 9 months to a year considering the fields of activity.More importantly, on the prompting of these trainings, new employees have opportunities to digress from their team and furnish a wider communication network in the company. Consequently, trust is rapidly grown and synergy is achieved not only within but between the teams.


Acquiring accurate, well organized and efficiently working human resource -which is one of our most significant assets - is critically important for us. Thence, to gear our employees with technical knowledge needed and supporting their personal growth is our duty.