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Class of motor vehicles with a minimum loading capacity of 3,5 tons, including buses for minimum 8 persons (excluding the driver) and load trucks. Also called “heavy vehicle”. See Also Motor vehicles
A vehicle with at least four wheels whose propulsion is provided by an engine and used for transport of passengers as well as for carriage of goods on highways is a motor vehicle. According to the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), motor vehicles are classified as follows.

Distinction between light commercial vehicles and other commercial vehicles is drawn according to their transport capacity. Changing from country to country this distinction is in between 3,5 tons and 7,0 tons. In Turkey, vehicles having a transport capacity below 3,5 tons are defined as light commercial vehicle.
Fluid medium in which pigment powders are dispersed. In liquid paints, vehicle comprises binder and solvent. In powder coatings, binders that can be fluidized by heat are used as vehicle.