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Similar to polysiloxane surface additives; fluorocarbon surface additives, having low surface tensions and compatibility with the coating formulation, migrate to the surface to avoid formation of film defects.
Surface additives that prevent defects by forming a thin continuous layer on the surface. These additives are designed with limited compatibility with the paint binders and solvents so that they can migrate to the surface. See Also Surface additives
General name of surface additives that prevent surface defects like craters, orange peel, telegraphing etc. by virtue of their compatibility with paint ingredients as well as lower surface tension they have than other paint ingredients. See Also Surface additives
Surface additives are added to paint formulation to prevent film defects. They either have surface tensions lower than paint ingredients (silicone and fluoride compounds) or they are compounds having limited compatibility. They migrate to the surface and form a thin layer. Hence, surface tension gradients that cause defects on paint film are prevented.