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Group of coating binders that is obtained by reaction of silica with ethyl groups and that provides high corrosion resistance. Most widely used example is tetraethylorthosilicate monomer. They are used in production of zinc-rich waterborne primers.
Abridged name of silicon dioxide, which is an abundant mineral on earth. In paint industry, porous and pyrogenic silica and colloidal silica produced by burning of organosilicone compounds, are used to adjust sagging, leveling and settling behavior of paint. Larger and grinded in micron scale silica dust is used as a matting agent. Precipitated silica in proper solvent and/or resin vehicle is used to improve scratch and flame resistances of paints.
Quartz powder which is obtained by grinding amorphous quartz is widely used in paint industry as matting additive. Furthermore, SiO2 based on diatomaceous earth is used for the same purpose. Moreover, pyrogenic silica obtained by burning of silicon tetrachloride (SiCl4) is used as rheology modifier in paints.
Alkali metal silicates like sodium and potassium silicates have limited use as inorganic paint binder. Furthermore, ethyl silicate is used as a binder in anti-corrosive paints, especially in high corrosion resistant zinc-rich primers.