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Sandpaper is a form of paper or cloth where an abrasive material has been embedded to its surface. It is used to remove small amounts of material from surfaces. There are different types of sandpapers for use on bare or painted metal and wood surfaces. Sanding papers are used by mounting on electrically powered rotating discs or by covering it with a wedge for manual operations. The abrading particles on sanding papers are garnet, aluminum oxide or silicon carbide and they come in different grit sizes. Grits are designed by different symbols ranginf from P12 to P2500. The higher the number, the smaller is the grit size.
Sanding is mechanically removing a layer of material from a wood, coated or a metal surface by using sandpaper. Sanding is performed to prepare surfaces to application in paint industry. Thus, by sanding, physical imperfections on the surface and deposited grease that can reduce surface adhesion can be removed. Since, sanding increases surface area by making the surface rougher, adhesion improves further.