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Segment of industrial coatings market that covers the sub-segments which are not classified as seperate technical or commercial groups. According to Paint Research Association (PRA), these sub-segments are as follows: Heavy Duty Coatings, Heating, Ventilation and Conditioning Coatings; Auto Ancillary Industry Coatings; Metal Furniture, Accessories and Connections Coatings, General Metal Industry Coatings. However, since industrial structure in Turkey has some differences with those in highly developed industrial countries, the General Industrial Coatings segment in Turkey, includes some other activity fields which PRA classifies as seperate segments of Industrial Coatings market. In line with this, General Industrial Coatings activities in Kansai-Altan are structured to serve the following sub-segments: Agricultural Vehicle Coatings, Heavy Duty Machinery Coatings, Steel Construction Coatings, Construction Material Coatings, Household Instrument Coatings, General Metal Industry Coatings. See Also Industrial Coatings