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Ether acetate also used to dissolve polyester and short oil alkyd resins, besides being used for the same applications as ethyl glycol. Its use is limited due to health concerns.
Chemical name: Ethylene glycol mono ethyl ether acetate; ethoxy ethyl acetate (also known as Cellosolve acetate).
Chemical formula:

Boiling point: 156,2°C; evaporation number relative to ether: 60, specific gravity: 0,975; refractive index: 1,4058; flash point: 51°C
Ether acetate used in similar areas as methyl glycol. Due to the potential risks to human health, its use is restricted.
Chemical name: Ethylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate; 2-Methoxyethyl Acetate (also known as methyl cellosolve acetate)
Chemical formula:

Boiling point: 145°C; Evaporation number based on the ether: 35; Specific gravity: 1,005; Refractive index: 1,4019; Flash point: 47°C