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Castor oil derivative, obtained by dehydrating castor oil, containing two conjugate double bonds and demonstrating drying oil properties. See Also Castor oil
Vegetable oil obtained from seeds of Ricinus communis. It is used in production of oven dried or two component coatings as OH functional and monounsaturated ricinoleic acid constitutes almost 90% of the fatty acids it contains. During dehydration, castor oil loses one OH group and one H atom, thus losing one H2O from its molecule. This results in the formation of a new carbon-carbon double bond and since number of double bonds increases to two, the molecule turns into a drying oil which is called and separately used as “dehydrated castor oil”.
Castor oil derivatives, having tendencies to establish hydrogen bonds with the binders over their OH groups, provide the coating with a thixotropic structure. Sensitivity to high temperatures applied during paint production can be noted as their weakness.