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Apparatus used to apply paint by means of its fibers attached to a handle. Brush fibers are prefered to be made of nylon or polyester for waterborne coatings; and of polyester or animal hair for solventborne coatings.
Fiber streaks can be observed right after the application of the paint by brush. If those streaks do not dissappear during drying process, a coating defect named “brush mark” arises. Brush marks can be overcome by lowering the surface tension or viscosity, or by adding slow solvents to the coating system.
A simple tool used to remove rust, loose/peeling paint and dirt from the surface to be coated otherwise these can cause difficulty in adhesion. The bristles of wire brush are usually made of carbon steel, stainless steel and brass. (Given in a sequence of use prevalence. Wire brushes are used with rotating and vibrating motors in addition to simply by hand.