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Part of a ship above its “full load line”. Board surfaces are usually dry, however they are wetted from time to time by spatters or water vapor and they are always exposed to oxygen and sunlight.
Wooden sheet that’s smooth on one side and porous on the other side. Hardboards are produced by a process in which pine, oak, beech chips are made fibrous by swelling and shaped by wet-processing after some adhesive is added.
It is a panel shaped product formed by breaking down of wood chips into fibres under steam, adding urea formaldehyde and a little amount of paraffin wax, and drying under high temperature and pressure. MDF has a typical density of 600-800 kg/m³. Since the chips in MDF are broken down as wood fibres, mechanical strength and humidity resistance of MDF is higher than fiberboards like chipboard. MDF is used in production of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, drawers, shelves, bookcase and office furniture as well as for interior decoration.
Panels with various thicknesses, produced by mixing wood chips with certain chemical binders and compressing. It is frequently used in furniture sector. Chipboards have poor resistance against water and flame.. Kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and shelves that are used for carrying lightweight objects, some office furnitures and shelves are made from chipboard.