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Chemical name: 2,4-pentanedion
Chemical formula:

Boiling point: 140ºC, Specific gravity: 0,975, Refractive index:1,452, Flash point: 34ºC
Strong solvent for cellulose derived resins, polyvinyl acetate, short oil alkyd resins and natural resins.
Chemical name: Propane-2-on, dimethylketone
Chemical formula:
Boiling point: 56,2°C; evaporation number relative to ether: 2,1; specific gravity: 0,791; refractive index: 1,3587; flash point: <-20°C
Solvent, of both ketone and alcohol character, obtained from condensation reaction of two acetone molecules and utilized in cellulose derived resins and epoxy based coatings.
Chemical name: 4-hydroxy-4-methyl pentane-2-one.
Chemical formula:

Boiling point: 167,9°C; evaporation number relative to ether: 135; specific gravity: 0,938; refractive index: 1,4241; flash point: 58°C