Strategic Objectives


Kansai Altan Stratejik Hedefler

To Be The Solution Partner Of The Customer

  • To regularly upgrade the platforms that make it possible for us to know the needs, requests, and complaints of our customers and evaluate the feedbacks from customers to be able to make solution-oriented action plans.
  • To follow the technological and sociological developments in the market, the sector and the world and to act proactively in terms of prospective needs and demands.
  • To update the resources to meet the new requirements and to develop new ways of satisfying them.



To Have A Strong Technological Basis

  • To regularly improve R&D capabilities in terms of human resources and infrastructure.
  • To cooperate with other R&D groups in Kansai Paint.
  • To work on product development and problem solving activities in cooperation with the customers.
  • To acquire and adapt appropriate technologies whenever required by the market.
  • To improve the efficiency and quality of our production processes.



To Invest In Human Capital

  • To build a team of different professional competences, skills, and characters who serve a common purpose through shared values.
  • To prepare a career plan that covers both personal and professional development of the team members.
  • To ensure coaching through supervisors and follow the progress.
  • To enhance empathy and create synergy between different departments within the company.
  • To attain employee satisfaction.

Kansai Altan Stratejik Hedefler



To Obtain Sustainable Growth

  • To obtain market share in selected foreign countries based on our competitive prices and high quality goods and services.
  • To put targets and to follow realizations in sales process in order to manage added value effectively.
  • To turn in a net operating income exceeding the cost of capital.
  • To develop health, safety, and environment awareness within the employees.
  • To develop environment-friendly products.
  • To decrease the amount of gas emissions leading to global warming.



Social Responsibility

  • To make awareness raising campaigns for creating green working and living areas
  • To develop the site and the future investments in accordance with energy saving policies
  • To support the education of young students.
  • To foster science and arts and encourage institutes and artists.
  • To strengthen our sensibility to our environment, country, and world, to support relevant projects and foundations.