Social Responsibility


Kansai Altan believes that, success in business must be built upon ethical values and has to be achieved through harmony and respect towards individuals, society and nature. Its philosophy is based on meeting requirements of today without risking the ability of future generations to meet their own requirements.

In order to turn corporate social responsibility into a sustainable activity, the overlapping fields of expectations in corporate success and communal wealth are being targeted.

The most remarkable study among many carried out by Kansai Altan against global warming is the recently initiated eco-friendly campaign called “Let’s establish green working and living spaces”.


This campaign involves trainings in order to lead our employees to individual savings both in their homes and in the workplace. Moreover, studies have been initiated to re-design the current facilities and to plan future investments as energy efficient units. The main goal of this project is to measure the total energy consumption of the site and consequently set periodical improvement targets and monitor how much the measures will contribute to the savings target.


In addition, Kansai Altan plans or takes part in various charity initiatives to contribute to health, education issues and also supports arts and sports community/organizations.