"Quality within Reach"

Quality within ReachAs one of the leading paint production companies in Turkey, we have been serving global brands since 1980s. Our priority has always been “quality”. Quality is dynamic since the expectations of people increase whenever they are fulfilled. Something which was regarded as having high quality a couple of years ago, may be ordinary today and old fashioned tomorrow. Our goal is to maintain the dynamism which is necessary to meet the needs and requests of our customers which change over time. The most important investment we make to maintain this capability has been to build our corporate culture upon customer focus and experience. 

Other than creating sustainable quality, what makes us different is our philosophy of “presenting quality”. In that sense, we describe ourselves as “within reach”. We are within reach because we are the solution partner of our customers. We are the adviser when our customers are facing bottlenecks, the guide when they are looking for a solution, and beside them when they need us.