Opportunities For Newly Grads


Kansai Altan Yeni Mezunlar İçin Fırsatlar

Whether you are still in school or just out, there might be a place for you at Kansai Altan.

Around here, interns and new grads contribute great ideas and thinking just like everybody else. They are supported with special training and education programmes.

At Kansai Altan, interns are expected for summer schedule and for minimum 30 days.

We have a Mentoring Programme for interns only – they will have experienced mentors who are selected according their specialties, to orient and guide our interns. Interns and mentors are expected to meet minimum twice a week and mentors enroll each session’s report to HR department.

From the beginning till the end of their internship, interns take several special trainings on numerous subjects. These trainings covers detailed orientation programmes, technical subjects selected in accordance with their core study and career counseling topics covering how to prepare a reputable CV, tips for a successful job interview and the criterias to get a better job.

With this internship programme, our aim is to prepare university students to real, professional life and give them opportunities for a full-time job at Kansai Altan after their graduation.

New Grads
In contrast to many other companies within the sector, Kansai Altan hires dozens of new grads. 

With our on-the-job trainings and orientation programmes, we aim to coach our newly grad employees and to assimilate them within our own company culture. 

For each new grad employee;a one week orientation programme and a minimum 9 months to 1 year training programme is prepared by a higher manager. These programmes include not only topics concerning employee’s own job but also include other departments’ critical processes which new employee will expected be in interaction to better perform his/her job. 

New grads who successfuly complete above mentioned base training, will be part of Young Potential Pool Programme in which they will attend for 3 years. Each year of the programme new employees will participate a set of outsourced trainings: Team Work, Improving Managerial Skills, Time Management, Stress Management, Presentation Skills, Interview a Candidate etc. These trainings’ aim is to prepare our newly grad employees to mid-level manager positions. 

Any other special training needs for our employees are always very welcomed. Kansai Altan is decisive and commited to improve it’s human resource and to create the best opportunities for them.