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We have become a member of TAYSAD

As Kansai Altan Boya Sanayi ve Tic.A.Ş., we have become a member of TAYSAD (Association of Automotive Part Components Manufacturers) in June 2010. Details »


Automotive Coatings Customer Training - June/2010

Between June 16-18, 2010, a comprehensive education about "General Paint Information, Application Techniques, Color Science and New Technology Trends" was given by our Automotive Coatings Research and Development Laboratory to a group of 45; comprised of automotive metal and plastics parts industry areas customers' employees. Details »


General Industrial Coatings Dealer's Meeting, May/2010

General Industrial Coatings Dealer's Meeting was held in Bodrum Kempinski Hotel, between May 13-15, 2010. Details »


Automotive Coatings Coordination Meeting - April/2010

Automotive Coatings coordination meeting was held in North Cyprus between April 9-12, 2010. Details »


General Industrial Coatings Coordination Meeting - March/2010

General Industrial Coatings coordination meeting was held in North Cyprus on 10-13 March 2010. Details »


Train the Trainer - March/2010

Our Training Committee had decided to increase the quality of our internal trainings, which are given by our own employees to our other employees, our customers and suppliers, by standardization with "Train the Trainer", in 2009. Details »


BoyaTURK Magazine August / September 2008

OEM coatings are used for both functional and aesthetic requirements. Functional performance requirements include corrosion and stonechip performance, durability against environmental factors such as chemical / acid spillage from many sources, high loads of salt and humid air in coastal regions, high UV radiation, temperature differences etc. In order to serve both purposes a multilayer application of different functionality coatings are used as shown in Figure-1. Each layer is compatible with above and below layer and functions for the overall quality. The top layer can be divided into two groups as: (a) One layer called solid topcoat (b) Wet on wet applied two coats consisting of basecoat and clearcoat. Details »


Changes In Structure And Ownership Of Akzo Nobel Endüstri Ve Otomobil Boyaları A.Ş.

Our company was established in 1982 under the name of Kemipol A.Ş. by 100% Turkish capital with the purpose of manufacturing and marketing Industrial Coatings. Following a period of rapid growth especially in General Industrial Coatings and Automotive Coatings, a joint venture agreement was signed with the Dutch based paint manufacturer Akzo International b.v and our name became Akzo Kemipol A.Ş. Details »

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