Toyota audit ended with success


Toyota Denetimi 
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Mr. Stuart Stone from Toyota Motor Europe Quality Division, Ms. Şebnem Yılmaz from Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey Quality Division and Mr. Hakan Altındağ from Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey Paint Engineering Department visited Kansai Altan for audit on 12nd & 13rd of August regarding our process change request for the localization of plastic part paint and clearcoat. During the audit they controlled manufacturing process, raw material, inspection process, education and quality assurance systems in Kansai Altan. In each department they investigated all the processes in detail, control the records and made interviews with the department responsibles. In the first evaluation, after the audit, commission expressed their high satisfaction for what they experienced in Kansai Altan during the audit. Recently, we received the final official audit point as 96.1/100 and achieved a successful score in an another Toyota audit.