BEST A.Ş. audit


BEST A.Ş. Denetimi

On November 24th, 2011, our customer BEST A.Ş., Balıkesir Elektromekanik Sanayi Tesisleri A.Ş. carried out a Supplier Quality Audit. Being the biggest national transformer producer, with it's 3 facilities, BEST is producing oil-immersed power and distribution transformers and cast resin dry type transformers, reactors and mechanical products for it's national and international customers. After giving brief information about our corporate profile and main activities, we began the inspection on the field in Quaity Control labs, production facilities, product warehouse and completed the audit with the revision of the other processes including Sales and Marketing, Procurement, Health, Safety & Environment and Quality Assurance. 

At the closing meeting of the audit, at which we obtained 88.62 points out of 100, it was stated that, this was one of the most successful audit among all the audits, conducted by BEST A.Ş. so far. The detailed report of the audit together with the suggestions of the inspectors with regard to their observations will be sent to us in a few days.