Automotive Coatings "Basics of Paint" training


Boyaları müşteri eğitimi

Our customers from the automotive OEM and automotive metal & plastic components industries attended the "Basics of Paint" training program performed by our Automotive Coatings R&D Laboratory Specialists on November 25th and 26th in our plant.

Raw materials, production processes, application techniques, paint defects and other performance evaluation criteria were the foregoing topics of the training presented to the participants from A-PLAS, BPO, FAREL, H.L. JANTAŞ, HAOS, HONDA, MECAPLAST and TOFAŞ. During their visit, our guests also had a chance to observe our Paint and Polymer production facilities, finished goods warehouse, Paint & Polymer R&D, Color, Analysis and Quality Control Laboratories.

At the end of the training, they have stated their appreciation in terms of the clean operating conditions and high level of traceability at all levels. They have also expressed their pleasure on both the qualified content of the training and the hospitality towards them.

Beside our guests, there was a high involvement from our incipient colleagues working in the sales and marketing, production planning and R&D departments during the training.