Meet Our Team Members


Olcay ŞengözI was acquainted with Kemipol family during my internship which was a part of my education for BS degree in Chemical Engineering. I gained experience in various companies after I graduated and then joined AkzoNobel in 1997. Until today, I had a chance to work for various leading gloabal paint manufacturers. My career which started as an intern in Kemipol, continues now as Paint Production Manager in Kansai Altan, which is a continuation of Kemipol family.Our company which gives priority to customer satisfaction, reaches its targets through success of its employees. Our company has implemented correct strategies at right times during the periods of global crises and with the dedicated work and strong cooperation of its employees has achieved its targets and is continuing its way to new targets and growth.Our company is very sensitive to environmental pollution and health and all employees are involved in related issues. We also pay attention to efficient use of energy and natural resources. Apart from conducting social responsibility programs, our company is strengthening its common values through quality consciousness, customer focus, flexibility, creativity and business ethics. Acting as a team under the umbrella of these values will contribute to our success today and tomorrow.


Olcay Şengöz
Paint Production Manager


Burcu Özer

I have been working as the Head of Health, Safety & Environment in Kansai Altan since 2013. Previously, I had worked in AkzoNobel Boya, a formerly affiliated company, for a period of four years and therefore was acquainted with the company before I joined it.My sincere opinion is that, apart from being one of the best in product and service quality, this company is also one of the leading and exemplary companies in our country with respect to care and concern it shows in protecting the environment and health and safety of its employees. I consider myself lucky for doing this work in such a company which always supports all activities in occupational health and safety and allocates whatever resources that may be required for this purpose.I believe that our company will continue to be successful with its uncompromising quality and customer focus by combining innovations with its long experience in paint industry based on the efforts of its highly qualified employees and upper management which understands and supports them.

Burcu Özer
HSE Manager

Süleyman IşıkI started working in Kemipol in the R&D Department in 1986. I was directed to coloristic because of my aptitude in color matching. I took courses and participated in training in coloristic inside and outside the company. I am now working as Assistant Director of Research Color Laboratory. It was fanciful to think about the current environment and working conditions which reached to 600-700 persons in the first days of business. Our company while keeping its targets, paid attention to the development of its employees, motivated them for new targets and created opportunities for them.The work environment in our company has human being as a common denominator, conducive to participation in work and sharing knowledge and experience. We share with our colleagues not only work experience but also our joys and sorrows and feel like a big family.

Süleyman Işık
Assistant Director - Color R&D Lab

Doğan ŞenlierI graduated from the Automotive Body and Paint Works Department of Aegean University. I first heard about our company at the school when I was a student and I thought of joining the company. I was sure that this company would help me develop myself and give me the best training. I have been working in the R&D Lab for six and a half years now. During this period, I learned how much labor and care is spent in making automotive coatings, how I should tackle technical problems, and find solutions to them. We enjoy life, laugh together and also share our sorrows with our colleagues just as in a family environment. This makes us see our company as a family and feel ourselves happy and peaceful during work hours.

Doğan Şenlier
Lab Technician - R&D Laboratory