Kemipol LogoThe name Kemipol was created by the partial combination of the two words; “Chemistry” and “Polymer”. The company was established in order to develop and manufacture polymers for the paint industry. By this name and the logo which is derived from the benzene ring, the commitment to research was intended to be symbolized in this field of business.Even though the company name originated from the word polymer, Kemipol has also manufactured paints beginning from the first year of its foundation.


Kansai Altan Logo The six colorful lines, other than reflecting the company’s creative, innovative and solution focused approach represent the six principles that the corporate culture is built upon: work ethics, customer focus, empathy, unity, commitment, HSE awareness. The open form to the right also reflects the company’s face looking to the future.

Alesco Logo The symbol represents beauty on the outside, technology and performance on the inside. The two elements forming the 'K' of Kansai represent partnership, collaboration and embracing different perspectives. Stability and balance, a mark that is 'designed to last'