Health, Safety and Environment Policy


Kansai Altan designs, manufactures and distributes products which carry miminum risks to employees, customers, community and environment and which have technical and economical advantages.

In addition to compliance with regulatory requirements, Kansai Altan, actively supports the guiding principles of the Responsible Care® program of the chemical industry and continuously improves health, safety and environment management system. 

Health: Kansai Altan seeks to conduct its activities in such a way as to prevent harm to health of its employees and other people that are affected from its activities. 

Safety: Kansai Altan strives to prevent any accidents and dangerous occurrences at work both for our own employees and our contractors. 

Environment: Kansai Altan protects the environment by preventing or minimizing the environmental impact of its activities and products through appropriate design, manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal practices. 


In order to achieve these objectives;

  • Health, safety and environment (HSE) – related activities are integrated into all company activities.
  • Compliance with regulations, Responsible Care principles, directives of the group and customer requirements are made corporate rules.
  • HSE objectives are set and periodically reviewed to ensure continuous improvement in HSE performance.
  • During product and process design, possible effects on HSE are taken into account.
  • Employee awareness is increased by means of trainings and internal communication tools.
  • Appropriate HSE information is provided for customers, contractors and others who are affected from our activities.
  • Employees are encouraged to make suggestions that can help improve HSE aspects of products and processes.
  • Communications are carried out with official and non-governmental organizations to improve HSE performance.