Kansai Altan Çevre

Kansai Altan works on developing environment friendly products and technologies, while at the same time minimizing the effect of all its operations, ranging from design to distribution, on nature. 


Kansai Altan is conscious that the energy used to manufacture its products and supply them to its customers has an effect on CO2 emissions and global warming, and therefore supports reducing the energy consumption, shifting to renewable energy sources and utilizing energy efficient equipment.


As a requirement of the Kyoto Protocol, which was signed by several countries under The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Kansai Altan keeps on studying in such a way to contribute to the CO2 reduction target of Kansai Paint Co.


Kansai Altan fully complies with the environmental legislations in force, regarding possible outcomes of its operations on air, water and soil pollution. All required precautionary measures are taken in order to secure operations within legal limits.


All wastes generated in our facilities are classified, stored, carried and disposed of in conformity with related regulations. In reference to sustainable development principles, we give priority to recovering / recycling of wastes.


Our customers’  requests for information and training on appropriate disposal methods of wastes generated during utilization of our products are fulfilled.