Corporate Profile



Kansai Altan is a paint company with an annual production capacity of ~90k tons, situated at a 110k sqm land in Izmir. Apart from paint, Kansai Altan manufactures most of it's polymer requirement in its own polymer production facility which is located in the same site. Annual production capacity of polymer production site is ~20k tons.


R&D All production stages and QC lab decisions are controlled, recorded and monitored respectively by realtime shop floor data capturing system. The barcode system also enables raw material, intermediate and end product control for quality assurance and lot traceability at all levels. With its high technological capability and passion for research, Kansai Altan allocates approximately %3.3* of its annual turnover to R&D, an unusually high figure for the paint industry. Through the contribution of the R&D Center, ~5.000 types of products designed for 6 different sectors are being produced in 8 production halls for customers in Turkey and abroad.


With a team culture founded on the importance of the customers, rather than one that consists of convincing the customers that they are important, the main objective of Kansai Altan is to assure the continuity of the quality of its products, and ultimately contribute to the quality of the products manufactured by its customers. Having a faith in the common mind, through the synergy created within its departments, the efforts are focused on both the needs and the requests of the customers and the expectations of the future generations.

* This ratio is calculated on the basis of the core business areas.

The main activities of Kansai Altan  can be classified in 2 groups: 

» Automotive Coatings

» General Industrial Coatings


Apart from its primary activities, Kansai Altan also does toll production for all the activity areas of AkzoNobel Kemipol, in accordance with the contract between the two companies.