Research And Development


Kansai Altan Araştırma ve Geliştirme

Research and Development plays a critical role in fulfilling the ever changing requirements and expectations of our customers. In line with the traditional understanding of Kansai Paint-Japan and the Turkish founders of our company, we attach great importance to Research and Development in our company.

Technical Department which is dedicated to R&D activities, is managed by one of the Vice Presidents of the company. This department comprises 13 different R and D Laboratories. Among them, the 9 laboratories which are dedicated to
  • Automotive OEM Coatings (4),
  • Automotive Components-Metal Coatings,
  • Automotive Components-Plastics Coatings,
  • General Industrial Coatings (3)
are organized respectively to meet the demands and the needs of the market segments in which our company is actively involved.
  • Color R&D Laboratory

which is also positioned in the Technical Department operates as a center of expertise in coloristics.


The remaining three laboratories carrying on intra-company activities

  • Polymer Research and Development,
  • Process Laboratory and
  • Analytical Laboratories

are also positioned in the Technical Department.

The primary activities of our R and D Labs are related to product development, technology transfers, and troubleshooting.

  • In spite of the fact that we have a very comprehensive product range, there is always need for new products designed and tailor made to meet the demands and application conditions of our customers.
  • Our customers occasionally need to refer to our expertise in solving problems they may encounter in using and applying our products. In such cases, we work together with them in their production lines to troubleshoot and eliminate the problems.


The number of full time employees working in the R&D Center, dedicated to R and D, is 107 which constitutes 14% of the total workforce of the company. Among these employees there are 34 Chemists and Chemical Engineers specialized in different fields. R and D expenditures typically make up approximately 2.6%* of our turnover.

* This ratio is calculated on the basis of the core business areas.