Kansai Altan Araştırma ve Geliştirme

The main target of manufacturing units is to realize the paint and polymer productions in line with the plans and “first run ok” targets. Our employees are trained to give priority to carefully observing the procedures and instructions related to health, safety and environment. 


Production activities are structured within Paint Production, Polymer Production and Materials & Production Planning Departments.



Paint Production:
Solventborne and waterborne paint production is being carried out in 8 different production sections.


Polymer Production:
Diverse polymers are manufactured in different, tailor made reactors. 


Materials and Production Planning Department:
This department is responsible from planning the plant resources in line with the company strategies and goals and preparing the supply chain policies. It also executes materials management systems and generating production plans due to customer needs.



We are targeting to meet the changing requirements of our customers rapidly and yet flexibly.  

  • Processes are examined carefully and improvements are planned.     
  • Employees are encouraged to make suggestions which are evaluated by relevant committees and accepted and implemented if found beneficial.
  • Production processes are monitored by performance indicators.
  • Trouble shooting in color matching studies are carried out in color lab in cooperation with the color R&D Lab in the Technical Department.
  • All production stages and QC lab decisions are controlled, recorded and monitored respectively by realtime shop floor data capturing system.

The number of employees in these departments is approximately 50% of the total employees. The activities in the production areas are carried out by 13 specialized engineers and chemists, working on the basis of 6 days / 24 hours. Our capacity is 80,000 tons of paint and 18,000 tons of polymers.