Automotive Coatings



As the Automotive Coatings department, we have been serving the Turkish Automotive OEM industry since our foundation in 1982 under the name of Kemipol. Our customers mainly are automotive OEM producers and metal & plastic parts producers. Additionaly, we have been supplying paint material to Magyar Suzuki in Hungary since 2001. With the formation of the Kansai joint venture, we plan to increase our export activities in the coming years.
As a customer focused department we attach special importance to empathizing with our customers’ needs and demands. Our main objective is to assure the continuity of the quality of our products, and ultimately contribute to the quality of the products manufactured by our customers. Through customer requests and experience, our sales & marketing and R&D departments manage all the activities from product design to product distribution with an approach that minimizes negative effects on the environment. Our high solid and water borne systems are designed examples in this respect.