We favor the participation of the employees in decision making processes and in developing the work processes. For this reason, we keep functioning our “Suggestion and Reward System” with good care. Suggestion and reward system involves a financial benefit as well as personal satisfactions like recognition and gratitude for contributing to the improvement and continuous growth of the system.

In order to increase motivation, we hold tournaments (bowling, table tennis, football etc.), picnics and year-end balls which create an atmosphere where families get together with colleagues in a warm and friendly atmosphere which also creates a chance for the families to become acquainted with the company the husband or wife is working for. So that provides opportunities for our employees to furnish a connection between the family and the company they belong to.

Similarly, with the contests and competitions we hold at certain times of the year (for example, the painting competition regarding 23 April for our employees’ children), we aim not only to reinforce the employee’s and his family’s self-confidence, but also to get them to contribute to their own motivation.