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Kansai Paint JapanKansai Paint JapanEstablished in 1918, Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. (KP) has grown into Japan’s largest paint manufacturer as well as one of the country’s most progressive businesses. With a revenue around $2.85 billion and around 10.000 employees, the company enjoys a well-established position as one of the world's leading paint manufacturers. The various products provided in a holistic approach by Kansai Paint and its Group Companies are highly valued around the world, by customers not only in Japan, but in Europe, the United States, and Asian countries such as China, and India as well, playing important roles in the protection and beautification of all types of products and merchandise.


The Automotive business of Kansai Paint, which is the 42% of its total activity, holds a large share of the global automotive coatings market. KP’s products are used and favored widespread by many automobile manufacturers. Kansai Paint’s second large activity area is Industrial Coatings. Its production activities can be grouped in four segments:

Kansai Paint Japan


  • Automotive Coatings  (42%)
  • Industrial Coatings (29%)
  • Construction Coatings (20%)
  • Marine and Protective Coatings (9%)


With 561 people involved in R&D activities, 5 research institutes and 1 research centers, Kansai Paint’s main objective is to utilize the achievements and knowledge earned through R&D to transform them into technology and products that correspond the market’s expectations. Furthermore, it makes significant investments in human capital to sustain the qualification of its global personnel and to expand consciousness and capabilities on an international scale.


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